3rd Heaven Authority #1

3rd Heaven Authority #1

His First Visit to 3rd Heaven

The Church is rapidly moving into a higher level of prevailing prayer using 3rd Heaven Authority. Learn how. 1 of 4.

News2morrow is not the originator of this teaching, but is merely presenting it for the benefit of our audience to glean important insights from the first eight episodes of Mike Thompson’s podcast series, Third Heaven Authority. It is hoped that our readers can benefit from this teaching and ascend into Third Heaven Authority for personal prevailing prayer. This same authority can be used in praying for America and the return of Donald Trump to office.  For those who’d like to be apprised of future podcasts, please refer to Mike Thompson’s ministry page on Facebook HERE or his podcast page HERE.

Each of the episodes will begin with an audio recording of the podcast. Following that there is a review of what was just covered. Be sure to utilize both audio and text for an enduring study method. This is Part 1 of 4.

Introduction to the Series

In 2010, the Holy Spirit caught Pastor Mike Thompson up to the Third Heaven, God’s Throne room, where Jesus taught him how to use spiritual authority from heaven’s perspective – from above looking down, rather than from earth’s perspective looking up. He taught him how angels also aide in spiritual warfare.

Jesus then commissioned Thompson to “teach My people about Third Heaven authority.”

Jesus continued: “The veil between the physical and spiritual realms will seem to get thinner in the years ahead. There will be an increase in spiritual encounters. Believers need to know who I’ve created them to be and how to effectively walk in spiritual authority, so that they can avoid the deceptive traps of the enemy.”

Jesus has been raised up far above all demonic power, and so has the Church.

When He (God) raised Him (Christ) from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places, far above all principality and power and might and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in that which is to come. And He put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be head over all things to the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all (Eph 1:20-23, all scriptures contained here are from the New King James Version, unless otherwise noted)

and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Eph 2:6)

Get set to be clothed with spiritual armor and weaponry, while taking a spectacular ride into Third Heaven Authority.


There are three heavens.

    1. First heaven: The stellar heavens, the physical universe, the physical creation;
    2. Second heaven: The spiritual atmosphere surrounding us, in which activities & operations of human spirits, angelic spirits & demonic spirits occur;
    3. Third Heaven: God’s heaven, God’s throne (i.e., Paul’s encounter when he was “caught up to the Third Heaven,” 2 Cor 12:1-4).


In October 2010, Mike Thompson & wife, CK, were in a prayer group, high atop a penthouse suite in a high-rise hotel in their city. Walking through the rooms of the suite, Thompson could look through the windows and enjoy an elevated view of the city at night.

While praying in the spirit, the Holy Spirit caught him away, through the ceiling, through the hotel roof, to a height above the lights of the city, resembling the view he had seen from the window before.

However, when he looked up above the city, he could see in the atmosphere numerous small lights hovering over the city. They were dull, dingy, amber and reddish colored lights. These were demonic spirits hovering over their city. There was no glory in them at all, just dull, dingy lights. Normally, in the spirit, you can tell by the presence or absence of how things glow – what they look like – the actual origin of the spirit. But there was no glory of God upon them.

Thompson rose right above them through space. Then he found himself standing in a large room in heaven. Actually it was the throne room of Jesus, where Jesus sat upon the throne. Angels were standing on each side of Jesus. Also, behind the throne were several larger beings of indistinguishable forms – were they the four living creatures? (Rev 14:3).

Above and around the throne was a canopy of swirling rainbow colors, deeper and richer colors – in fact, more beautiful, more intense – than we’ve seen on earth.  

In this atmosphere, Thompson also heard soft heavenly sounds, music and voices, coming from all around him. The throne room was distinguished by brilliant colors, heavenly sounds & the glory of it all; creating their own special atmosphere.  

Captivated by this wonderful experience, Thompson’s attention was then drawn to Jesus on the throne. There He was. Jesus Christ. But where was God the Father? He had always pictured God the Father and His Son at His right hand. Instantly, the Spirit of God injected within Thompson the answer to his question, which was never really verbalized but only thought upon. God gave him this scripture:

Immediately I was in the Spirit; and behold, a throne set in heaven, and One sat on the throne (Rev 4:2)

This put him at ease. Then, looking upon the Lord, Thompson sensed such an overwhelming feeling of acceptance, value & love from our Lord. There was a total and absolute peace in that love, without the negative earthly feelings of fear, intimidation, condemnation, guilt, shame, disapproval, inadequacy, failure, self-doubt.    

This revelation overwhelmed Thompson to the point that he could hear within his being an eruption of euphoria: “Lord, is this who you created us to be? Is this what it feels like to be a new creation is Christ Jesus?”

Amid this euphoria, Thompson noticed that the “hooks” of the second heaven realm came out of him completely, and he was pure and holy standing before the Lord. Meanwhile, Jesus didn’t say a word. He just allowed him to stand there and take it all in.


Suddenly, the Holy Spirit turned him away from the Lord, counter-clockwise, till he was now facing a circular portal on the floor of approximately six to ten feet in diameter. Through this portal one can bypass the second heaven and observe activities on the earth. Thompson could see all the way down to the prayer group his spirit had just left. He could also see, from above, the same city he had left and the same demonic spirits hovering over the city. It was those same reddish, dingy demonic spirits that the prayer group was dealing with from their inferior, earthbound perspective, in an attempt to pull down strongholds while situated below them.

The lesson the Lord was showing Thompson was made all the more relevant to the transcriber of this teaching, when he observed planes lined up over Lake Grapevine, descending for landing at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, at night. This was earthbound, seeing things in a linear fashion. But when we know that we're seated with Christ ABOVE this level, looking down upon them, there is POWER.

Remarkably, with Thompson’s perspective from above, he could see things that the prayer group could not. Above the smaller red demonic lights, there was a larger, duller, green-colored light; again with no glory in it.

The Lord, standing behind Thompson, spoke into Thompson’s spirit, which seemed to come into him from the back. The words rumbled internally, “That’s a general giving orders to the demons under him. Launch your warfare from here.”

Instantly, a strong sense of authority rose up within Thompson: “Launch my warfare from here? Absolutely! I’ll kick demon butt. I’ll destroy every stronghold they’ve ever built.”

Thompson’s lack of hesitation was the result of a lack of fear. Authority was given at that particular point.

Flashback to previous visions with the Lord, where quite often the Lord or angels would speak to Thompson into his back. Quite often, as soon as information was imparted into his back, he’d speak it out into the spiritual atmosphere.

When the Lord said to him, “Launch your warfare from here,” many questions began processing through his mind; for instance: “We use spiritual armor in warfare. So, if I’m warring from here in heaven, do I need armor in heaven?”

The answer was immediately impressed into his thinking: “You already know that the armor that the Apostle Paul referred to was spiritual revelation (Eph 6:10-17), that understanding of who you are as a new creation in Christ. It’s part of you on earth because it’s already a part of you in heaven.”

Then more words came into Thompson’s back, only this time they came through him and out of his mouth. Looking down at the demonic general, the words came through him and out of him: “In the name of Jesus, I dislodge your assignment. I break every strategy and every stronghold and dismantle the communication structure between you and the lower level demons. I speak confusion into your ranks now!”

Then, as soon as he took authority over the general and his demons, the holy angels standing in the throne room, went into action. With each command that came out of Thompson’s mouth, an angel on either side of the Lord would come shooting out like lightning.

They were harkening onto the command of the Lord and onto Thompson’s faith and were assigned to enforce each verbal command. As long as Thompson was enforcing God’s word, the angels were enforcing his word.

This spiritual battle went on for quite a while, but when it stopped Thompson began looking around the Throne room for several minutes. Jesus got up and walked over to Thompson. “I’m giving you the assignment,” He said, commissioning him, “to teach Third Heaven Authority to My people.”

“We are now entering a season where the veil between the physical realm and the spiritual realm will seem to get thinner. Believers will increasingly have more spiritual encounters. Visions and dreams will become more prevalent. Believers will learn what it’s like to operate in the Spirit, to flow into heavenly things. However, this is universal in the spiritual realm. So, demonic encounters will also increase, as with Spiritism, the occult, mind science, religions, and people who will just open themselves up to dark things.”


“Teach My People Third Heaven Authority so that they would not be deceived by seducing spirits. They need to realize who I’ve created them to be and what they’re capable of accomplishing.

“There needs to be credibility among those who learn how to walk in the ways of the Spirit.”

Then, turning to the subject of angels, the Lord said: “Angels are involved in every aspect of warfare, much more than you’re aware of. Learn to depend upon them by letting them do their job. They respond to your authority!”

Then, He said, “Third Heaven Authority is about perspective.”

Flashback to an earlier encounter where the Lord took Thompson into the Spirit to receive a vision. In that particular vision, Thompson saw a host of angels circling over the city that he lived in. And, looking below on the earth, he could see numerous people who were glowing in light, signaling that they were Christians. Whenever those Christians would pray in faith and authority, decreeing things in the Spirit and speaking the word over every situation, one of the angels from the atmosphere would swoop down in response to the word given. Whenever the Christians spoke in faith and authority, their words would turn into swords. As the swords came out of their mouths, their words were written upon the blade of the swords as commands. Each angel would swoop down, grab the handle of the sword and then follow the sword to fulfill the commandment that was written on it.

As Jesus said, “Third Heaven Authority is about perspective. Learn to use your spiritual eyes to view things from heaven’s point of view, not earth’s point of view (i.e., as if you’re in heaven looking down, rather than on earth looking up).  Only the Holy Spirit can give you the kind of perspective that you need in accomplishing this.”

But why the emphasis on being above? Isn’t the Kingdom and the Spirit realm all around us, even on earth?

The Lord heard those thoughts and responded, “The Kingdom rule is inside of you, but the Kingdom throne is above you.”

He who comes from above (location) is above all (authority)
(John 3:31)

“Looking from earth’s perspective is purely physical and is susceptible to a consciousness of sin. Heaven’s perspective is one of righteousness. The spiritual eyes of the new creation are free from guilt and a consciousness of sin.”

When we look from heaven down, it is with spiritual authority, not having worry or guilt, as these scriptures declare. 

For then would they not have ceased to be offered? For the worshipers, once purified, would have had no more consciousness of sins (Heb 10:2)

let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water (Heb 10:22)

Jesus continued: “When Paul was caught up into the Third Heaven he had to learn how to apply what he saw and heard to his earthly life. Satan buffeted Paul in an attempt to steal that revelation from him. And that’s when he asked Me to remove the buffeting. But then he was able to see grace from heaven’s point of view and to walk in spiritual authority. My grace is sufficient.

“Until now, you’re waiting for the Holy Spirit to initiate these encounters. You can initiate them yourself anytime you choose.” And, Thompson found that to be true, but he prefers and enjoys when the Holy Spirit initiates them.

Then, one of the angels motioned for Thompson to follow him toward what appeared to be a wall in the throne room. There seemed to be no doors. As they walked through the glory of the throne room, with its rainbow colors and glorious sounds, they were instantly in another room.

The color and sounds of this room were slightly different than from the throne room. Instinctively, Thompson understood what the angel was showing him. Anointings were very important in heaven as they are on earth. The color and the sounds had distinctive purpose. They represented the design and function of each room, and the anointing that was weaved through them in that room.

Different anointings facilitate the different purposes of each room.  

Suddenly, the encounter ended and Thompson found himself back at the penthouse suite, still praying in tongues. Like the Apostle Paul who said, “whether in the body or out of the body, I do not know,” Thompson did not know either. But, looking around him, he didn’t see anyone noticing that Thompson’s body had left. Thus, he concluded that this was only a spiritual encounter.

closing encouragement

In 1998, the Lord first began teaching Thompson about “going up and over” situations. The Holy Spirit caught him up into a vision in 1998 and the Lord explained to him that, although when he prayed it was in faith and authority, it was only on a linear level. All of the issues he was praying about, whether for healing, finances, demonic release, breakthroughs, they were all on a linear level.

Using a fountain of water/light as an illustration, the Lord said, “If you will learn how to “come up and over the problem,” (like the water that comes up in a fountain and over an area) you’ll land where the Lord wants you to be. Pray from a heavenly perspective, rather than a linear earthly one, and you can accomplish so much more.

This encounter was not just for Thompson but for many others whom the Lord is conditioning to move in Third Heaven Authority, along with greater encounters, deeper anointings, and more powerful glory.

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