3rd Heaven Authority #4

3rd Heaven Authority #4

3 Ways to Walk in Heavenly Authority & The Coming Lion's Army

The Church is rapidly moving into a higher level of prevailing prayer using 3rd Heaven Authority. Learn how. 4 of 4.


In this study, we will get some practical advice on how to walk in Third Heaven Authority. But first, let’s review…


If you don’t sense it within your heart, if you don’t see that the scriptures affirming Spiritual Authority apply to you, you will never walk in Spiritual Authority. You must believe that you have Spiritual Authority.

That authority includes binding and loosing. Binding is tying the enemy with chains wherever the enemy has engaged in warfare against you or others’ lives. Loosing is the creative aspect of Third Heaven Authority given to those who are in Christ as they release the Kingdom of God into the earth. This is why Thompson, whenever he prays for people in his services, usually uses the word release, to release the things of God into the physical atmosphere, into people and into circumstances. We were born, as creators, to create for God the things He has for us. 

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15 KJV)

In order to operate in spiritual things, it is imperative that we have a good understanding of the Word. The authority that comes from the Word, which is based on what comes from the Spirit, brings us revelation that we can walk in.

During one trip to heaven, the Lord showed Thompson a building, which reminded him of the Pentagon. They walked up to the porch, through the front door and into the first room. “This,” said the Lord, “is the Salvation Room. This is how you get into the Kingdom of God. It takes revelation and understanding to enter, but it’s not just knowing that the room is there. You must go inside the room, take ownership, occupy it. That’s the way revelation works. Revelation is not just an idea, it’s not just an understanding, it’s a spiritual conviction that is so true that you are willing to enter the room, occupy it, and say, ‘This is mine and nobody can take this from me – especially the devil.’”

Then they went to the other end of the room where the Lord opened another door. Inside was a large circular hallway with many rooms attached to it. Each room represented aspects of the Kingdom of God, our inheritance and of our victorious life in Christ. The Lord pointed to various rooms saying, “That’s the Baptism in the Holy Spirit Room…that’s the Healing Room.”

“In order to receive that blessing,” he said, “you must enter that room. And just like what you did in the Salvation Room, you have to take ownership of it and occupy it. That’s the way revelation works in the spiritual realm here in heaven.”

Therefore, we must believe that we have spiritual authority in Christ Jesus. The enemy can only deceive us if we do not have scriptural revelation of who we are in Jesus Christ and what He’s capable of doing through us.  

Our revelation defines the areas that we are capable of using God-given authority, along with our capacity to release that authority.

We trust that by now you’re growing in your belief that you can walk in Third Heaven Authority? And that you God can use you to perform miracles and to change situations on the earth.

Paul says, For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries (I Cor 14:2 KJV)

Mysteries is from the Greek word, mystērion, as in revealed secrets (ie, hidden secrets to the world but revealed onto the Holy Spirit-filled Children of God).

Homework assignment it to set aside time each day to pray in the Holy Spirit: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or hours, depending on what your time schedule allows. This allows you to draw from the reservoir of wisdom from the Holy Spirit, who releases those mysteries – revealed secrets – into our understanding for practical application. It enhances our spiritual perception for ourselves and for others. Incidentally, all of those moving in the power of the Holy Spirit also speak in tongues.


Third Heaven Authority has already been given to us because of who we are in the Lord Jesus Christ, who He created us to be and, therefore, we are already seated with Him in heavenly places. But how do we manifest that authority?

Scripture says to lay hands on the sick, so you lay hands on the sick. Scripture says to preach the good news of the Gospel, so you preach the good news of the Gospel. Scripture says that you have power over the enemy and to resist the devil and he will flee, so resist the devil and he flees. We do all this in strict obedience to the Word.

Scripture declares that we pray in the name of Jesus because that’s the name that gives us the delegated authority in Him.

Thompson recalls a time when there was a powerful anointing at one of his miracle services. His faith in the name of Jesus for healing was so strong, it caused everyone who came for prayer to get healed. With ever-increasing faith after every healing, it got to the point where Thompson didn’t even need to pray in the name of Jesus anymore – as eye contact alone was enough to cause people to fall in the anointing.

While this was happening, Thompson was having an internal dialogue with the Lord. He asked the Lord to explain why people were getting healed even before he could mouth out the words in the name of Jesus. The Lord responded, “Aren’t you in My name? Didn’t you come to this city in My name? Didn’t you preach that sermon in My name? Aren’t you praying for these people in My name?”

Thompson responded, “Yes, Lord.”

The Lord responded, “Then that fulfills the requirement. You are doing it in My name, whether you get to mouth the word or not. Just believe in My name and it’s on you. And, it will bring about the authority for performing the miraculous. And, yes, use My name, but do not be worried if you do not get to say it.”  

This was a powerful lesson Thompson learned. The first level of Third Heaven Authority is just obeying God. You’re seated with Him in heavenly places. People will get saved. Strongholds will be broken. People will be healed. The miraculous will happen. Demons will be cast out. All because you’re obedient to the Lord.

You release Third Heaven Authority into the First Heaven, even on a linear level, by simply obeying the word of God with prayer.  And, it works. You will find success through your obedience to the Word and your faith in the name of Jesus.

Start with this point, but resolve to build on this point, so that you can achieve the greatest impact for the Kingdom.

Many people who have listened to this Third Heaven Authority teaching have experienced a greater dimension of authority and power when they pray. One woman told Thompson that when she prays she literally senses herself being positioned above the situation. She now sees things in her heart. Even though she never went up to heaven, like Thompson did, she can follow through on the instructions contained in this teaching.

So can you! Just allow the Holy Spirit to paint this image of our heavenly position with Christ on the canvas of our hearts.

We tend to think that imagination is fake. But, no. God gave us imagination for such a purpose.  This is how God created our minds to work. Our minds are filled with imagery. It is the language of the mind. It’s the way the brain works. And, it’s also the way the heart works.

Look at the many times Jesus used parables to explain a doctrinal truth about what the Kingdom of God is all about. It wasn’t just for teaching purposes, but it was also to stretch their faith to own the visuals and operate in those spiritual dynamics. Imagery is also the language of the Spirit.

In fact, grabbing hold of this second level is where the gifts of the Holy Spirit are allowed to function in our lives. Our acceptance of the imagery as valid allows us to tap into other aspects of the Holy Spirit operations.

When you’ve committed yourself to learning the Word, how God thinks, and to building a relationship with the Holy Spirit, how He relates things to you, then at that point it becomes the Holy Spirit using your imagination, using the imagery, to relay spiritual things from the inside up, rather than you trying to formulate your own vision. You don’t make the vision; the vision makes you.

Whenever we have a miraculous experience or encounter with God or angels, or whenever the glory comes upon us, they become a superimposing of the Spirit of God over the circumstances of our lives. We were created with that capacity. God wants us to be comfortable in learning how to operate in the Spirit. It is from that supernatural perspective that we can function with authority in the Spirit.  

We can all develop that capacity – even you!

Fear is the opposite of faith. And fear can keep us from operating in the fullness of Third Heaven Authority. Are we afraid of the Holy Spirit? Are we afraid of looking foolish or what others might think of us? Learn to let go and trust the Spirit.    

To help you overcome these inhibiting feelings, you might join yourself with others more mature who can help mentor you along the way.

When we pray from the natural realm, we have to deal more with the physical and emotional circumstances. When we pray from the anointing of the Spiritual realm, authoritative boldness begins to take over and it supersedes the physical and emotional limitations.

The more we practice this, the more authoritative boldness comes upon us. So press on beyond level one, press on beyond level two, embrace level three. You were created to operate in the spiritual realm.

The physical body was not created to handle all the things of the Spirit. Even Samson was exhausted after killing off the Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. He needed refreshment of water, which was provided for him by God.

Times of refreshment are provided by the Lord for all of us. Yet, it’s the Spirit of God within us that can handle the things of the Spirit. Your human spirit is capable of walking in the Spirit without becoming overburdened or overcharged.

Therefore, don’t try to force your body to enter into the Spiritual things. Allow the Holy Spirit to come upon you, rise up within you, and become that strength to carry you through. That’s where the victory is. That’s where the authority is. And that’s where you’ll have the greatest effect for the Kingdom of God, as things are released into your life, your family, people around you, on your job, into the atmosphere, upon the nation. And you will become 100 times more effective in your prayer life. People will come to you for answers because they will see you walk in Third Heaven Authority.


This chapter will be slightly different in that we will concern ourselves with the Principle Warfare Presently Ensuing over America & the ways to intercede against them using Third Heaven Authority. An antichrist spirit has invaded America, manifesting itself as liberal, atheistic, agnostic, secular, lawless. This spirit is attempting to redefine, change and control everything that the Lord established for America by our Founding Fathers. 


In this vision the Lord gave Thompson, we find that there have been three major demonic armies that have been launched against America. But there are three retaliatory responses God has given to His righteous warriors. These spiritual weapons will stop the advancement of these demonic hordes.

In the vision, Thompson is carried off in the Spirit and given a heavenly perspective of a battlefield in which at the far end a demonic army is advancing. These armed, grotesque-looking, soldiers were screaming and shrieking as loud as they could, inciting fear, intimidation, pressure, violence.

The timing for these Screamers and Shriekers coincided to the time when Donald Trump was elected President on November 2016.

This screamer epitomized the anger the Left had when Donald Trump won in 2016

Their sole aim was to disrupt, make noise, contest everything. They used violence and caused commotion. They rioted, burned, and looted cities. Their noise distracted from the real issues and they screamed for attention. They lied, misconstrued, fabricated, made false accusations, and employed character assassination, etc.

Suddenly, Thompson heard to his right a lion’s roar from the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. This huge Lion was behind a righteous army who were carrying silver armor and weapons. They held high their glinting swords. 

The Lion’s roar not only caused a reverberation all around, but the roar also contained powerful words.  The roar and the words entered the backs of the righteous army. (Thompson, from his heavenly vantage point, could also see that he was one of the soldiers below.)

At the same time that the Lion’s roar and words entered the soldiers’ backs, the words came immediately out of their mouths, declaring, “You have lost, we have won.”

Against the advancing horde of Screamers and Shriekers, the Spirit of God then lifted the righteous army up and above them – giving them Third Heaven Authority.

The righteous army continued their powerful refrain, “You have lost, we have won,” along with decrees of binding and loosing. The words, issued with Third Heaven Authority, came out of their mouths as fire, and warring angels were in the fire.

When the fire hit their demonic targets, they would get weaker. After more hits, they got paralyzed.

Then, behind the advancing horde arose a big beast, who because he knew that the power was in the screams, demanded that the soldiers “Scream louder! Yell harder!”

But it was too late, as the righteous army prevailed over the advancing Shriekers and Screamers.

Flanking the beast on either side, Thompson could see two more demonic hordes arrayed for a future battle. The beast then turned to his left, commanding them, “The Shriekers and the Screamers have done their job, but they’re faltering. You, go forward!”

The second demonic horde infiltrated within the Shriekers and the Screamers. Their faces looked normal and not as grotesque as the first. But they had devious smiles on their faces.

When they went forward, the beast said, “Deceive, bewitch.”

Big tech, top corporations, news & social media empires all colluded to cover up the fraudulent 2020 Presidential elections

The timing for this second group was after the Presidential election of 2020, in which Joe Biden, using the malicious resources of the Deep State, stole the election from Donald Trump, who actually won the election in a landslide. Any talk of voter fraud was immediately suppressed by the lying media.

And then the Lord called them out, “Lying unity. The army of lying unity, false unity, ungodly unity, the unity of the flesh. It’s a unity to deceive people into coming into line with the enemy’s agenda.” 

Unity was a trance word, intended to deceive people into thinking that this agenda would bring peace and calmness. But it wasn’t.

Thompson could see in their faces great contempt, a smirking smile, for anyone who would dare to be deceived by them. They knew they were tricking the people.

Then the formation of the Lion’s army changed as the more mature warriors came to the forefront. Those who were less experienced went behind. These mature warriors had experience with lying unity before. They had discernment and knew how to war against it and not be fooled.

Then the Lion roared again, which reverberated into and through the righteous army’s mouths, “You have lost, we have won! Fellowship with darkness is prohibited. Light be!”

Earlier the righteous army spoke fire out of their mouths. This time it was light, and there were warring angels in the light.

“Light be!” – light, revelation, information, understanding, truth.

The warring angels came down on the heads of the demonic, lying-unity horde, and it began to diminish its power

Then the beast turned to his right and commanded the third horde to join the battle. As they came forth, the beast gave them names that designated their assignment, “Punishers and Enforcers, join the battle.”

The Punishers and the Enforcers strode into the battle at the time of the fraudulent Biden inauguration in January 2021.

he Punishers enjoyed bloodlust, inflicting all sorts of pain to those who would oppose them. The Enforcers were more calculated in their plan to forcibly subjugate the innocent. Like the Beast, they had a sense of authority, or more properly usurped authority, as they had just usurped the presidency.

Whether it's called “cancel culture,” being "woke," or punishers and enforcers, the Left seeks to destroy those who go against the leftist narrative (or lying unity). This article from FrontpageMag describes top democrats’ totalitarian drive to punish Trump supporters for “advancing his unacceptable agenda to make America great again.”

This advancing third horde was as grotesque and hideous as the first. Their teeth resembled the rows of teeth that sharks have.  

The size and position of the teeth represented different things.

  1. The longer teeth were meant to destroy the leaders of the righteous army and anyone who opposed them. The power was in their bite.  
  2. The medium size teeth were to cause intimidation, subjugation, forced submission.
  3. The shorter teeth were to cause strife and to force people to turn upon one another.
  4. There were other teeth and other aspects involved in their weaponry.

Up until this time, Thompson had noticed that the weapons and armor of the righteous army were silver. But, as the third horde advanced, all of the silver of the righteous army turned to gold.

Quite often in the Old Testament, gold represented weight and value, but, more importantly, the Glory of God and the divine presence of God.  

Thus, the Glory of God came into the battle which infused the righteous warrior army with more strength and power.

Once again, the Lion and the righteous army let out a unified roar, “You have lost. We have won. The Lion’s jaws will crush the jaws of the Punishers and the Enforcers.”

This time, instead of fire or light, wind came out of their mouths, along with the warring angels. The wind was of the Spirit of God. Both the Glory and the Wind came forth to defeat the demonic hordes.

The Glory and the Wind was not only the Presence of God but it also contained refreshment, empowerment and answers. It was an outpouring of the Spirit and Glory of God coming upon the earth. It was time!


Thompson looked up during the battle and saw a clock in the heavens. It was the same kind of clock that Thompson saw in a vision from January 31st, 2020. In that vision, the Lord pulled Thompson into the clock and he saw the earth turning. Faces of men, women, boys, girls, from every race and culture came off the earth as it rotated. A wildly enthusiastic angel cried aloud, “It is time! It is time!”

The Glory and the Wind came forth upon the earth. And Thompson heard these words within his spirit, “It’s the wind that causes earthquakes and earthquakes destroy strongholds.”

The Holy Spirit said that there is now a new weapon offered the Church to destroy the strongest of demonic foundations. All authority in heaven and earth has been given to Jesus Christ. And this bunker-busting weapon is now being added to the spiritual authority that Christ has already given the Church, besides flowing in the Spirit of God, operating in Third Heaven Authority, decreeing the things of God from the perspective of the Throne of Heaven, releasing into the earth the plans of God, the Glory, the Wind, the Fire and the Light.

This is the great outpouring of the Glory of God for revival and spiritual awakening. There is already something happening in the air right now. We are entering a new Christian era in which the prophetic resistance movement is ushering in the Glory of God. This could never have been done by the traditional methods of the church. It can only be accomplished by the rising army of righteous warriors, prophetic eagles, mighty prayer warriors, all of whom are standing in powerful faith to carry out exploits.  

Now is the time. It’s a great time of victory. God is going to use you for this historical hour. He’s going to use your witness and your testimony. He’s building you up to be that warrior soldier that moves in signs and wonders and supernatural power to lead others to Christ.

Expand your imagination to believe that not only does God want to bring in this end-time harvest, but He wants to use YOU!


To summarize, the Lord gave these visions to Thompson in order that the Church can better understand what’s presently going on in America. To the world, these three demonic forces may appear legitimate and compassionate, but to Christians we know that deep inside them there was vile wickedness and they are spirits of antichrist. 

These entities were behind the attacks on America and are responsible for attempting to wear down the saints of God so that they are ineffective in battling them in the spirit.  

These visions are not only a warning for us to not be deceived but a strategy on winning the ongoing warfare. God gave us weapons to fight the enemy and to defeat them.

Against the Screamers and the Shriekers, the Lord gave the Righteous Army fire out of their mouths. The words came forth with power and spiritual authority to bind them and to cut off the lies of the advancing horde. The weapon, coming from their mouths, symbolized the release of decrees of authority into the spiritual atmosphere.

Against the Lying Unity army, the Lord gave the weapon of light, which represented truth, spiritual revelation and discernment.

Against the Punishers and Enforcers, the Lord gave the weapon of wind through the move and outpouring of the Holy Spirit and His Glory, which dismantled the strong fortifications of the enemy (i.e., the Luciferian Deep State operations going on in the United States and governments throughout the world).   

We are the warriors, having the Living God on the inside of us. We have the blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus. We have the authority of the believer and Third Heaven Authority. We have the power of God in our mouths, and as Jesus said, “All authority has been given onto Me in heaven and earth.” Therefore, we go! Not just as lambs, but we go carrying the swords of Justice and Righteousness into all the earth.

It is our responsibility to stand against that onslaught from the far Left, and we do so as God’s righteous army. The fire and glory of God is now upon America and we are taking this nation back for Jesus Christ, so that His plans and purposes for America are brought forth to full fruition.

The end-time harvest is now upon us and we’re all a part of history. Praise be to God!

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Lou Comunale is an analyst of news and biblical prophecy. He began his career working at the news archives for NBC, MSNBC, ABC, & CBS. Then the calling of God prompted him to combine news analysis with biblical prophecies, which actually helps us fully understand the prophetic times we're living in.

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