Hope for the LAST DAYS

Hope for the LAST DAYS

Many are concerned about the times we're living in and whether we're in the LAST DAYS before Christ's return. Many Christians are even stockpiling food for those times. While we're not disputing storing up for rainy days, but it'll be near impossible to store enough foodstuff for the Great Tribulation. But there IS Hope!

Despite the pre-trib rapture narrative, scripture does NOT rapture us before the Great Tribulation. But God DOES promise His end-time church (Philadelphia) total protection and provision during that time.

As God protected and provided for the “church” in the wilderness during the time of the Exodus into the Promised Land, God will do the same for Philadelphia during the 3 1/2 years of the wilderness of the Great Tribulation.

Because of their disobedience, we will learn, Laodicea will unfortunately undergo martyrdom in the Great Tribulation. The Laodiceans never laid down their lives for God before, distaining the grace given them, that God will require that they lay down their lives in martyrdom to come out this fire purified for His glory.

The choice is YOURS to make, whether you’re going to be protected and provided for by God or whether you’re going to suffer martyrdom. The time for CHRISTIAN PREPPING is now.

Lou Comunale, teacher and author, explains how there is HOPE for God’s people in the last days.

Go through all of Lou’s YouTube teaching videos in this playlist here.

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Lou Comunale is an analyst of news and biblical prophecy. He began his career working at the news archives for NBC, MSNBC, ABC, & CBS. Then the calling of God prompted him to combine news analysis with biblical prophecies, which actually helps us fully understand the prophetic times we're living in.

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