Revolutionary Transformation

Revolutionary Transformation

The Lord is not through with America, but is seeking those who would commit themselves to Revolutionary transformation of cities across America and the world.

God is moving powerfully in our culture and is seeking revolutionaries to advance the Kingdom of God. God has intentionally caused things to happen politically in the United States to forestall Satan’s push towards the nation’s downfall. The election of President Donald Trump was no accident and God is already using him as His Bulldozer.  As God uses President Trump to uncover the destructive forces within our own government, God is setting the stage for Awakening in the land — and that requires your full cooperation!

If we have eyes to see and a heart to believe, God can do extraordinary things in our lives as we become supernatural tools to advance His Kingdom in this nation, our states and our communities. God is preparing the Third Great Awakening, which will spread throughout the world.

This season has seen many Christians in great transition and physical moves from one location to another. Many are now being re-positioned on the Lord’s chessboard so that God can set them up to have major positions of influence and power.

Dwayne Powell

Dwayne Powell of Awaken Now Ministries

Two men, who are in the season of repositioning, were sitting atop a tall building on the south side of Dallas, Texas, where the skyline looms larger than life. They humbled their hearts before the Lord and God gave a word to my prophetic friend Dwayne Powell, one of the two. The word was not just directed to them, but to the body of Christ throughout the nation and the world.

As you read this, please be open to receive this directive for yourself; to encourage you to move in greater authority to reverse the downward trend within our culture and to partner with God on advancing the Kingdom of God like never before.


“Look around at the great city before you. This great city that is before you is full of wealth and it is full of pride. But I tell you that this is a city of poverty. This is a city of spiritual darkness. And I am calling people to be revolutionaries. I am bringing people here that are of like mind, and I’m having them meet just like the revolutionaries of old would meet and find themselves together in places and in cities to discuss what they would do to make change. Just as your own forefathers, when this nation began, met in local pubs and homes and they began to speak about how the Colonies would become its own nation. And the things that they would do to change the system that they were oppressed under.

“So therefore I’ve called you here. I’ve called you to this place, this state that is so wealthy that it does not even need the other states of the nation. It can exist on its own, with its own prosperity, without being a part of the nation. I’ve called you here to look at this place of wealth, this place of independence, this place of patriotism, this place of multiculturalism.

“I’ve called you here to this place to discuss how you will revolutionize my church.”

“My church has lost its way. It is not only you that I’ve called here but there are others throughout this city that are sitting and discussing, “why are we here?” And they see the same things. It is in this place where I will begin a revolution of my church with discussions to change My church in the West and in the world. The discussions are happening here. I’ve chosen this place for My purposes. You see grandeur, earthly grandeur, and you connect it to spiritual grandeur. But I see poverty and lack and nakedness and loss. Don’t be deceived by your eyes. Don’t be deceived by the lusts of the flesh. But listen to what I say and be obedient to what I do.

“I won’t show you everything ahead of time. If I did, you wouldn’t be able to walk in it or understand it or receive it.

“Listen to what I say for I have chosen you to be revolutionaries and to start a revolution in my church, where many are apostate. This is what you are to do. You must have faith. You must change. You must have new eyes to see with, and new ears to hear with before you can do what I’ve called you to do. Why you are here will become more and more clear as you listen to Me and as you perceive with new eyes and new ears what I am speaking and what I’m saying. But you have to die and I’ve called you to die.

“Your forefathers gave up their lives for this country, a secular nation. Yes, based on My principles, but it was a secular nation. They committed themselves unto death. They believed that they would die and I’ve called you to die for freedom of My people. My people are in bondage like they were in Egypt and they are calling out to be free. I am going to show My wonders again in these last days.

“I won’t only have one Moses, but I will have many Moses’ in the land. You have to be in the wilderness and you have to die. You have to be willing to die. They’re calling to be free from oppression of religion that has oppressed them, that has hidden My gospel from them. They are calling out as if they were making bricks in Egypt.

“The lost are calling out.”

“How many lost have you run into now that just want Me — and the church won’t even take Me to them? I am angry. I see the system of the church as Pharaoh, and I am going to show My wonders to it. I am calling My people out of darkness. My people are not the people the church thinks they are. My people are the lost that I came to die for before, that I’m still calling out to now. My treasure in the Kingdom is people. My Kingdom is made up of people. My Kingdom is for people and about people. I am calling the revolutionaries – not one Moses, but many! You and others will be used to show forth My wonders, but you have to die and give up your lives.

“They mock Me, they mock My word, they mock My servants, as Pharaoh mocked Moses. Those that say they are called by My name mock My servants and mock My word. They mock My Spirit. They blaspheme My very Spirit. Do I love My people – yes! But My anger is kindled against the religious, just like it was when I was here on the earth and I threw over the money-changers’ tables. I rebuked the Pharisees as vipers and servants of Satan, who kept the people bound. For all their learning, they lacked knowledge. For all their learning and understanding of the word, they did not even know and could not even proclaim the truth. That is the state My church is in now, and you, even you, have been too timid to speak the truth against this system, because you don’t want to offend anybody. You don’t want to hurt anybody. When I came I offended many people and I was not afraid. I’m calling you to be bold. Be like Me.

“Love, yes, but love in truth. Propagating a lie and propagating a system that is based on lies and blasphemies to Me and My Word and My Spirit is wrong. And it is not love. Love corrects. Love rebukes. Who do you love more? Religion or My Father?

“The money-changers are in the temple like they were then. Pharaoh is on the throne mocking Moses, mocking Me, as He did before. Where is My Moses to stand up? Where is My Jesus to stand up? Have I not called you to be Me and said that you would do greater works than I did? It’s time for you to stand. Stand! Have I not said that the gates of hell shall not prevail against you? They’re gates; defensive fortifications. You are an offensive army in the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence but the violent take it by force. Love is violent. Be bold and courageous. Have I not commanded you to be bold and courageous? And that I would be with you wherever you go? Have I not commanded this to you? Why do you not trust Me? I’m calling you to trust Me. Everyone that hears this that has ears to hear, hear what I say to the church.”

And thus ended a powerful word from the Lord about His desire to see transformation in the nations and a willingness by His people to be revolutionaries.

Dwayne Powell is founder of Awaken Now Ministries. He has a MATS [Masters of Art in Theological Studies] and a Graduate Pastoral Counseling Certificate, both from Liberty University. This native from Berea, Kentucky, is a prophetic speaker who receives unusual assignments from the Lord. He is often used to encourage, minister and prophesy to God’s people.

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Lou Comunale is an analyst of news and biblical prophecy. He began his career working at the news archives for NBC, MSNBC, ABC, & CBS. Then the calling of God prompted him to combine news analysis with biblical prophecies, which actually helps us fully understand the prophetic times we're living in.

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  • admin

    I keep a journal of all the things God is doing in my life. This is my entry from Lalita's word.


    2/4/18. When Lalita and I got together recently we were discussing the recent word she had and then she got the word, “followup.” That meant to us that He wanted to tell us more.

    He gave us more on this day.

    "I am creating opportunities for My people. Doors of opportunity will soon swing wide open. I will make many 'Point Men,' 'Point People,' who will deliver strategic wisdom and answers to the prevailing societal ills. I will put My answers within those who will wait upon Me, who will seek My face, and those who will question Me about the prevailing issues of the day.

    "I am longing for a people to get 'My heart' on matters and take My counsel to those who cry out for answers. But, too many of My people are too busy to spend quality time before Me. I will not be rushed, but I will release wisdom and strategies to those who will 'wait upon Me.'"

    Regarding KEY ISSUES on Transforming Society: Jobs, Automobile Factories, Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure, Immigrations, Veterans, War on Drugs, etc.

    "Yet, it will take the wisdom of GOD that comes first from above. It will not be of earthly wisdom that I will give to bring changes to the problems this, and other nations face.

    "You must come up higher My Children into the realm of ALL POSSIBILITY. For from this realm, kingdom solutions shall be revealed and seen. Your ears will be opened to the frequencies of Heaven and the still, quiet voice of eternal wisdom. In this place, you will see with your eyes those good things that I have prepared for those who walk upright before Me. In this realm, you will hear with a fine-tuned ear, that which I will speak and decree unto you. So, come up higher! So, come up more frequently to this realm of ALL POSSIBILITY! The Heavens are 'OPEN FOR BUSINESS!'

    "Come up a little higher My Daughter! Come up a little higher My Son, for there is much that I wish to reveal and declare unto you both. These things will be a part of a progressive revelation that I am unfolding to My people in this, 'Hour of Harvest!'

    "For you see -- that the harvest is not limited to souls only My Children. I have a harvest of: glory, power, wealth, and restoration, to release to My people as well. Some of your 'gifts' are still in 'heavenly places' and you must learn now how to discover (mine) them from here and transport them to there! Meditate on these things which I have spoken unto you on this day. These words are filled with 'gems' (nuggets of insightful wisdom and instruction). If you catch them, it will certainly be the beginning of a whole new adventure with your God!

    "Some of My people will be afraid to cross over into this new territory. It will seem foreign to them and somewhat 'new-agey' – but never mind those who will not advance. I am calling you to come up higher! THIS IS THE WORD OF THE LORD! AMEN."

  • Immediate Eprex

    It is very comforting to see that others are suffering from the same problem as you, wow!

  • sight care

    Thanks for thr great article!

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