Will Trump Return?

Will Trump Return?

Many have prophesied that Donald Trump will return to office, while others dismiss that claim. What are the facts?

News2morrow has always believed that President Donald Trump would be returning to office before the 2024 election, and probably before the 2022 election.

The Lord showed me His plans for Trump when He gave me the answer to a prophetic dream that Prophet John Paul Jackson partially interpreted in 2012. It was “partially interpreted” in 2012 because Jackson made no reference to Donald Trump fulfilling the prophetic dream.

Early in 2016 the Lord showed me that Trump fulfilled that dream. Furthermore, Trump was going to win the Republican nomination (beating 17 qualified politicians) and win the general election against Hillary Clinton.

Two things were supposed to happen with Trump’s presidency, according to the dream:

  1. God is installing Trump as president to act as a BULLDOZER against the plans of man;
  2. After Trump bulldozed the plans of man, there would be an unprecedented time of peace for America and the world.

But the “plans of man” seemed to prevail against Trump, resulting in the worst fraudulent election ever seen in America. 

Even though the deep state, with the help of China, stole Trump’s reelection in 2020, we at News2morrow have known that the fulfillment to the 2012 prophetic word had not been fulfilled.

Therefore, we knew that exposure of the fraudulent election would surface, after which Trump would return to office to fulfill his commissioning against the plans of the deep state.

This Mindshift video from 2016 details the prophetic dream interpreted by Prophet John Paul Jackson, with additional insight from Lou Comunale.


In a word, the “plans of man” are a satanic scheme to rid the world of America and all other nationalist countries in order to bring in a New World Order. At the time of the 2016 election, few knew the extent of the deep state’s depravity, debauchery and treasonous acts against America.

This is the reason why God brought Donald Trump into office to be used as a bulldozer against those plans.

We believe, as we’ve said before and as the prophets have also said, Donald Trump will return to office.

Those of you who tend to dismiss prophecies and prefer to see “concrete” evidence of Trump’s return to power might consider researching Trump’s plans for military DEVOLUTION. See here.

This DEVOLUTION series outlines the steps Donald Trump took while in office to entrap the deep state, which he knew would attempt to steal the election. 

So when Trump told the Washington press corp that he “caught them all,” he wasn’t kidding.

He caught them all in a variety of treasonous activities. Trump will soon return with a kill shot that the many factions of the deep state will not be able to withstand — thus bulldozing the globalist plans of man as God has said.


He has confirmed it to me several times and to many, many prophets.

Before we go into the most recent prophetic dream I had about Trump fulfilling his bulldozing acts against the deep state’s “plans of man,” here are several other things the Lord showed me.

You are watching a movie play out.

This is the way I shared God’s word to my Facebook friends.

At the beginning of January 2021, after Vice President Mike Pence refused to challenge the contested electors from various swing states, the Lord told me, “Trump hasn’t given up!’ — and neither should we.

Just before the 20th of that month, when Joe Biden would take the oath of office, the Lord told me two things. The first thing He said was, “You are watching a movie play out.”

Then, at 3:33 am in the morning of the 18th of January, I was awoken by the Lord, who said, “My servant Donald is carrying out My will.”

Those two things held my faith high even though I would see Biden sworn in on the 20th.


At the time of this writing, it’s late in the year in 2021, and many are still believing in Trump’s return to office — despite what we see with our eyes and the catastrophes that Biden is carrying out on behalf of China. Meanwhile, many others are losing hope.

I sorrow for the many Christians that have lost all hope for America and the world, and are stewing in depression and hopelessness, awaiting the next shoe to drop.

The Lord gave me an encouraging dream to strengthen our resolve and faith, and to now strengthen you, the Reader. Here’s the dream I received in August, 2021.

In the dream I was in an office, watching TV on an overhead monitor. A woman that I knew, Valerie, came over to me and led me to go to the part of the room that was BEHIND the TV set.
We stood there, arm in arm, looking at the tomb of Machiavelli. End of dream.

Now what does THAT mean? I don’t even know who Machiavelli is! I had to look him up.

Wikipedia tells us that Machiavelli was a Renaissance author whose claim to fame was in writing about politics and, in particular, justifying the deception, treachery, corruption and crime committed by those in government.

Ah! That’s explains a lot.


This dream signifies to me the end of the deep state (and the return of Donald Trump, as God has showed me in other dreams). Notice we had to go behind the TV, so in other words we’re going behind the scenes of what we see in the news. (Remember, you are watching a movie being played out!)

So, what’s behind it all? What’s behind the news we see? And, there we see the death of Machiavelli – the symbol of everything evil and satanic in our govt — the deep state.

Now, as for Valerie, she isn’t a romantic interest, but I found in one of my dream books that the name Valerie means “brave” and “courageous.”

Therefore, whatever you end up seeing in the TV news today in the next few months (whether the topic is the economy, the Covid restrictions, Afghanistan, etc.) — don’t be alarmed! No matter how bad it gets!

Know that God is calling us all to stand arm in arm with courage as we go through this tough period because the END of it all is the end of the “plans of man” and the death of the deep state!

Hope that helps and is encouraging, friends. As scripture says, “When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone, but the righteous stand firm forever” (Pro 10:25, NIV).


Be encouraged, friends. As God puts Pres Trump into his rightful, God-ordained position again, having broken the resistance of the enemy, you will find that God will also position many of His faithful, hidden ones into their rightful, God-ordained positions for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the Great Awakening to come. That includes Glory, Power, Miracles, Authority.

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Lou Comunale is an analyst of news and biblical prophecy. He began his career working at the news archives for NBC, MSNBC, ABC, & CBS. Then the calling of God prompted him to combine news analysis with biblical prophecies, which actually helps us fully understand the prophetic times we're living in.

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