When Will Trump Return?

When Will Trump Return?

Part 2: Timing is Everything!

When will Donald Trump return to the White House? God's Timing is Everything


    • No one thought in 2020 that President Donald Trump would lose the election.
    • Everyone knew the election was fraught with corruption.
    • We never thought Trump would walk away from the stolen election.
    • And, if he did, he’d return soon with the receipts of massive election fraud, indict the traitors and penalize the foreign governments involved.
    • But, he hasn’t – yet!  Why?

I was one of those who thought that Trump would have already returned back to the White House, as prophesied by many Christian prophets.

Though our timing was off, many have wondered just what is Donald Trump waiting for? Doesn’t he see that America is rapidly falling as a Republic into third world status under Joe Biden? Why is he delaying things?

And, that, my friends, would be our first mistake!

The timing for his return is not dependent on Donald Trump. The timing is dependent on Jesus Christ.

Timing is Everything

The Lord let me see a perfect example of why timing – His timing – matters.

I remember a dream in which I’m on the edge of a small boat, about to dive into the water. There was only one difficulty though – low tide. The tide was out and the boat was docked at the sand. Had I taken the dive into the water at that point, driven by my own impatience, I would have seriously hurt myself.

Then I heard an ironic and funny “voiceover” – “Timing is everything!”

So, the word for us is “timing is everything!”

God’s perfect timing will primarily lead to TWO INCREDIBLE RESULTS. The first result will be so miraculous, so comforting, so encouraging, so unprecedented that it will astound the world.

The second result will be better than the first. 

FIRST RESULT OF GOD’S PERFECT TIMING: Before we explain the first result, let us set the stage. For many decades, Christians and most Americans have been asleep as evil men and evil agendas began forming, within the America government and its institutions, to topple America’s position as leader of the world and to pummel it into third world status. Traitors in our midst have sold America to globalist agendas to destroy our people, our freedoms, and our power.  

The globalist agenda is not unlike the antichrist agenda for the end-times – a one world government controlled by evil despots.  

Little did the Church know how close America was to being destroyed from within, as Abraham Lincoln had forewarned us.  There was an agenda by globalist leaders to systematically destroy America in 16 years, beginning with the two-term presidency of Barack Hussein Obama and culminating with a two-term presidency of Hillary Clinton.

For years, your vote did not count. The deep state, through corrupt elections, put in traitors and compromised politicians into leadership to take America down. America’s days were numbered.

Yet, even while the Church was asleep, God was already raising up Patriots from the Military and Intel agencies (who have not been radicalized) to thwart the evil plans of the deep state traitors.  They needed a man who was not a politician, who was not beholden to deep state money pockets, who was clean and patriotic.

God prepared a man for the office of the presidency to stop America’s demise, and to bring the traitors to justice. God’s man is Donald John Trump.

Your first reaction to this will probably be, “But Trump is no longer in office! He never fulfilled the destruction of the deep state!”

Our response would be, “What if the election steal of 2020 was a part of the plan to take down the deep state criminals, to bring justice to America and to punish the traitors with incontrovertible proof of TREASON?”

What if all of this was conceived by God and given to Trump, the Patriots and the Q team in order to take down the whole rotten cabal of traitors, deceivers, and globalists, charging them with treason, and in some cases, crimes against humanity? What if we’re all watching a “movie” play out in real life with the ultimate aim of toppling the deep state?

President Donald Trump says he “caught them all” — the deep state swamp. Now, we’re waiting for final retribution against those who sought to destroy America.

President Trump says that if Joe Biden is found to have gotten into office under false pretenses, he shouldn’t remain in office.

The Deep State Tentacles run Far, Wide & Deep

We still haven’t laid out the first result of God’s perfect timing. Let’s discuss one last point and then bring it all together.

The corruption within our government was so pervasive, so interconnected with domestic and foreign intel agencies, that it would be very difficult to ensnare them all at one time. As political commentator Brian Cates says, “You kill a seventeen headed Hydra all at once…or not at all. You only strike when you know you’ll get all seventeen heads. Or you fail. AND FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.”

Now, look at the pervasive corruption throughout our nation: in 2020, election fraud and foreign interference in our elections removed a sitting president; the Biden crime family has been in bed with foreign leaders who are seeking to topple America; there’s proof that Hunter Biden enriched himself with Ukrainian oligarchs for pay-for-play schemes; Covid was unleashed on the world as a bioweapon to destroy the world’s systems and to bring us into the Great Reset; the lying news media pushes a destructive anti-American, pro-Globalist narrative agenda on Americans; vaccine and covid mandates have paralyzed cities and states, overriding freedoms promised by the Constitution; etc.

Such a diabolical web of wickedness and debauchery. How in the world do we kill all “seventeen heads of the hydra” at once?

First Result:

Massive Sting Operation Against the Deep State

This is the reason why things seemed to have been dragging on for years for justice to finally arrive. All of the heads of the snake need to be killed at one time. You cannot kill one head at a time.

So, what do we presently see in the news today? Day after day, we are seeing the noose tightening around the necks of the deep state traitors. Every lie put out by the enemy is being eviscerated by the light of truth.  

People are waking up. Even many in the Church are waking up and interceding for America and the nations.

In every instance of corrupt activity we are seeing exposure and we can expect soon-coming justice.  

Each day we are seeing the culmination of many determining factors that will bring about the end of the deep state in America.

Special Counsel John Durham is in charge of looking into many aspects of deep state corruption. Just recently we found that his investigation charges that Hillary Rodham Clinton operatives not only spied on Trump while he was campaigning, they were spying on him while President of the United States!

This is treason!

And the FBI had to have known and in fact helped Hillary’s spies gain access to the White House. This is how intertwined our agencies are involved in corruption. And, as Cates says, they all have to come down together.

Donald Trump told Kash Patel on an Epoch Times broadcast, when referring to Durham’s report, “I hear there’s a lot coming…We’re gonna see what happens. But what he’s doing is one of the most important jobs being done right now in America.”

Why? Because it will destroy the deep state operation that has been undermining America with false narratives behind the scenes for decades.

This slow, drip-drip fashion of releasing the facts of Durham’s investigation is being timed to coincide with the exposure of many other criminal activities – everything from the decertification of fraudulent electors from various states to the implication of treason and crimes against humanity for many in government today.

All of these things have to be timed exactly and together. Meanwhile, Americans and patriots all across the world are waking up to tyranny and fighting against it.  

Oh, and there’s one other reason for the delay of justice. The fake news controls the airwaves and they squash the truth to push their fake narratives. This is another head that must be snapped off from the Hydra.

But there’s good news. As Pastor Mike Thompson says, this month is LAUNCH month for God’s agenda to be advanced. Not coincidentally, Trump’s TruthSocial comes on the scene too, and when it does there will be a tidal wave of truth that descends upon the American people – and the fake news won’t be able to stop it. The fake news apparatus will be kneecapped from that point on.

So, Why the Long Delay?

The answer is obvious now. God’s perfect timing demands that all heads of the antichrist deep state are destroyed at the same time so that America (and the world) can be freed for His harvest. That took time.  

That’s the reason for the delay in justice. God’s timing needed to bring all factions together for the kill.

If you recall God gave instructions to Jeremiah on nation building: See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant (Jer 1:10).

Notice: in rebuilding nations you must spend double the time in rooting out corruption, destroying evil foundations than you do in rebuilding: 1) Root out, 2) pull down, 3) destroy, 4) throw down vs 1) build and 2) plant.

We’re still in the first stage now. The hardest part is removing the swamp. The rebuilding will be quicker and simpler. 

Now what of the second reason, the one that’s more incredible than the first?

Second More Wonderful Reason to Wait for God's Timing

The first result can only come about by this second result. The second result is that God is raising up his Church to maturity. And, actually, God’s timing is such that in order to secure the fulfillment of the first result this second result must occur.

Not everyone in the Church needs to be maturing, for God always works miracles with a remnant. But many within the Church are now growing up and being transformed from lambs to lions. Having long been asleep at the switch, which actually brought on the nation’s problems, the Church is now realizing its full potential as Spirit-filled Sons and Daughters of God. No longer are the Children of God satisfied to let Satan run roughshod over the earth. They now realize that they can access Third Heaven Authority and command God’s plans on the earth. These lambs have now learned to roar and they’re roaring in the Spirit, commanding the toppling of satanic structures and strongholds that have long imprisoned America. The roar of countless prayer groups across America are routing the enemies of God into compliance and submission.

 “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you” (Luk 10:19 NASB).

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places (Eph 6:12 NASB).

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds (2Co 10:4 KJV).

We are arriving at a time in world history – and, now is! – where “all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD” (Num 14:21 KJV) and that Glory shall be carried within members of the Church upon the “manifestation of the Sons and Daughters of God” (Rom 8:19).

They shall do exploits.

They shall carry the anointing and power of God to do exploits (miraculous healings, supernatural activities) throughout the land for the purpose of participating in history’s Greatest Harvest ever recorded in history – The Third Great Awakening.


The first man Adam was instructed to “be fruitful and multiply” upon the earth. And, Adam and Eve have for millennia populated the world with humans. Jesus, the second Adam, was also commissioned to “be fruitful and multiply” His supernatural kind upon the earth – creating mirror images of His power and authority within Christians.

Up till now, the Church was only operating at a low-level of authority, or none at all. In fact, Christians up till now, were content to simply endure day by day and go about their business that barely amounted to much. But Christ is not content with a Bride that is still wearing toddler clothes.

No one marries someone beneath them, as it were. We marry within kind – economic level, social level, mental level.

By the time that Jesus returns, He will marry a matured Bride capable of advancing the Kingdom of God into enemy territory and prevailing.  No more will she be groveling through life only to try to make it day by day. She will be empowered to carry out the great works of the Lord Jesus Christ!

That’s where we’re at right now. God is about to unleash intercessors with the heart of God to topple and demolish all strongholds that the enemy has ensnared mankind with. There will also be harvesters with supernatural strength and power to the extent that the world will see their light and know there is a God.

This is the greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit to ever hit mankind. It’s the greatest display of Church authority ever known. It’s the greatest harvest ever seen. And that day is upon us.

Why the delay? God is preparing the Church for it’s greatest days.

But there’s more!

Here at News2morrow we have long said that as God positions Donald Trump into his rightful position as President of the United States, He will also position many of His followers – those who, up till now have been alone and secluded, worshipping before the Lord, holding on to God’s promises, waiting in faith for their destinies and ministries – into their rightful positions of authority and influence.

Be encouraged. God has not forgotten His promises to you. Though you’ve waited long and hard, your victory will be extraordinary.

So, can you imagine the synchronization needed to bring all these factors together to explode on the world’s scenes all at once?  We’re talking about all of the particulars of taking down the deep state, returning Donald Trump to office, holding the criminals responsible and, on top of that, preparing His Church to fulfill and achieve their rightful position and authority on the earth.

This delay that we’re experiencing is only the preparation of God performing His marvelous work – and it is marvelous in our eyes.

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Lou Comunale is an analyst of news and biblical prophecy. He began his career working at the news archives for NBC, MSNBC, ABC, & CBS. Then the calling of God prompted him to combine news analysis with biblical prophecies, which actually helps us fully understand the prophetic times we're living in.

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